Rob Does MD

We are an international (Portugese, English, German, French, Irish and Dutch) mixed gender group who love to sing and have fun. We currently have 18 members and have plenty more room to expand. Both beginners and more experienced singers are welcome.

The only criteria for joining is that you must be able to sing reasonably in tune. Music is all in English, which is the language used in rehearsals. Although it’s helpful, you don’t have to be able to read music as we have a range of materials for all of our songs, with the individual parts on them.

Our repertoire is quite diverse and includes some older classic songs such as: “When I Fall in Love” and “Java Jive” and also more modern pieces such as “Raining men”, ”Happy Together” and ”The Climb”.

For more information or how to join us, contact us now: admin@bellaacappella.net